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The regulations set forth here are meant to secure the good order necessary for the effective pursuit of knowledge, to help the students to attain the level of quality required of them and to ensure proper deportment of the entire student body. The student’s registration in the college is considered as an expression of willingness to abide by all the rules & regulations prevailing in the college. Every student there fore is committed to the observance of these rules. The code of discipline exists preliminary to provide the discipline necessary for an academic environment.

  1. The Regular timing of the college will be from 9 am to 4pm and 4pm to 6pm is utilized for library & extra classes.
  2. Parents can visit their wards on second Saturdays in a month.
  3. Parents if they want to visit the college or students in between are required to get prior permission from the principal.
  4. If the parents have any need or problem related to their ward they are not permitted to meet the principal directly instead of that meet the concerned class coordinator first and then only meet principal as per the direction by the coordinator.
  5. Student should refrain from defacing and damaging college property. In case of breakage or loss of hospital or college property they shall be made good promptly, either individually or collectively.
  6. It is the responsibility of the student to treat college property with care and to help keep buildings and the campus neat and clean. Any damage done by a student to the property of the college or of others must be repaired or replaced at the student’s expenses. She will be subjected to disciplinary measures also.
  7. Mobile phones, electrical & electronic equipments are not allowed to use inside the campus.
  8. Channel of communication is through Coordinators to the vice-principal and to the principal and then to the management.
  9. Important notices are posted on the respective notice boards. It is the responsibility of the students to read these notices and respond immediately if summoned through them.
  10. All administrative departmental and activity bulletin boards are for official use only; to tamper with them is a serious offence.
  11. Students may not indulge in any kind of political activity, gheraos, bandh, harthal, dharna, strike, slogan shouting and any sort of violence in the campus. They shall not do any thing which infringes upon the right of other students to attend classes or of the teachers to conduct his/her class. Similarly, students shall not hold demonstrations along the corridors or enter the class rooms and obstruct the teaching process.
  12. Membership of the recognized student’s association of the college is compulsory. No other association of students in the college will be permitted unless they have their prior approval of the principal.
  13. The management, following due enquiry, has the right to expel any student whose conduct and character are not satisfactory.
  14. Students and parents are strictly instructed to follow these rules and regulations violation of any of this will result in serious disciplinary action.
  1. Students have to pass for internal assessment in each subject before appearing for the university examination (50% minimum for a pass).
  2. Students have to score minimum 50% marks in each theory & practical papers separately for a pass.
  3. University Examination will be conducted ordinarily twice in a year.
  4. Candidates shall register for all parts of examination in the first appearance.
  5. Those who do not obtain 50 % marks in internal assessment shall not be allowed to appear for the University examinations in any subject of that particular year of study.
  6. Candidates who secure minimum 50 % marks, as a specified in the scheme of examination shall be declared passed and who pass all parts of examination on the first attempt shall be ranked as follows.
    75 % & above – 1st class with distinction
    60 % & above - 1st class
    50 % & above – 2nd class
  7. Candidates who pass the exam at a subsequent appearance shall be ranked in the second class. Candidates, who pass exam subject wise, also shall be ranked second class.
  8. Students of all Universities, other than the Universities of Kerala must produce a migration certificate.
  9. Students, whose conduct, or attendance, or progress is not satisfactory, will not be allowed to appear for the University Examinations.
  10. Periodically parents will be called to know the academic performance of their students.
  1. Hostel facility is available and it is managed & supervised by the warden.
  2. Canteen & mess facility are available for the students.
  3. Students can use the telephone facility and they are permitted to make phone call weekly once to their houses.
  4. In case of any emergency parents can contact the principal in the college telephone or the warden in the hospital number & necessary actions will be taken by the authorities as per the need. So collect the telephone numbers well in advance.
  5. Students are not supposed to keep any valuables or jewelleries with them and if lost the college or the management will not be responsible for the loss.
  6. The college provides hostel accommodation for students. Basic furniture is provided but students are expected to bring their own pillows, bed linen and other items of personal use.
  7. The cost of any damage to hostel property will have to be paid by the hostelites.
  8. Students are given due care for their spiritual growth (regular ICPF meeting, church facility)
  9. Everyone is free to follow and practice a religion of her choice but external worship other than Pentecostal is not allowed in the college or hostel.
  10. Students are strictly instructed to make the mess fee payment before every 10th of a month. A delay in payment will demand a fine of Rs.20/- day. Therefore all hostlers are instructed to submit the mess fee receipt of the respective month to the college office for monthly clearance of mess dues.
  1. Deposits and fees once paid will not be refunded if candidate leaves the College before completing the course. The students should claim the refundable deposits within three months of completing their course and internship, failing which deposits would be forfeited from the students.
  2. University fee subject to changes as per notification.
  3. Fees for special training services will be notified from time to time will also have to be paid.
  4. Fees prescribed for the University examinations will be recovered in the appropriate time/ year.
  5. The fee structure is liable to change at any time, bearing in mind the inflation prevalent in the country. Other fees, if any will be bought to the notice of candidates as and when needed.
  1. List of text books for each academic year will be provided and the payment will be collected later.
  2. Students have to use the uniform code as prescribed by the institution. Amount will be collected from the students later.
  3. The students attending the classes and prescribed duty shall wear the prescribed uniforms.
  4. The students shall wear neat and decent dresses during off duty hours in side the campus.
  5. They shall not wear semi transparent or revealing dresses in the campus.
  6. They shall not use excessive jewellery.
  7. The students shall strictly follow the dress code.
  1. Anti-ragging measures are carried out both in the hostel & college.
  2. Anti-ragging committee is formed & help line numbers are also available.
  3. Ragging is strictly prohibited. They shall not indulge in any form of activity, which will bring disrepute to the Institution /Nursing profession.
  4. Students must maintain a sense of decorum and discipline inside the college and in its associated institutions, and in public places “ragging is strictly prohibited.
  1. Students should be regular and punctual in the classes.
  2. 13 days of institutional holidays will be provided in a year.
  3. Vacation will be provided 1 week each during Onam, Easter & ‘X’mas holidays.
  4. Attendance to the sessional exams & unit test are compulsory
  5. Attendance at courses in human formation, including medical ethics, rural orientation programmes and behavioral sciences arranged by the college is compulsory.
  6. Students when taking leave, prior permission should be sanctioned from the principal through proper channel. During clinicals get permission from the clinical tutors and subject coordinators also.
  7. In case of non – attendance at classes, an application must be submitted to the principal for leave of absence giving the reason.
  8. Parents can come & collect their children from the hostel during special leaves i.e. other than vacations and holidays.
  9. Parents can request the principal in writing if they want to send their children alone during vacation & holidays, but parents will be responsible for the further consequences.
  10. Students or parents are not permitted to make phone calls to the college office for informing leave. No information on leave will be considered.
  11. In case of any emergencies if the reasons are genuine make phone calls to the co-ordinators and get permission sanctioned to avail leave to avoid any disciplinary action.
  12. No. of days of compensation will be increased if the leave is not sanctioned through proper channel.
  13. Students shall avail only 10 days of leave on medical grounds. Any absence in excess of this shall result in extension of the course duration.
  14. Medical facility can be availed from the parent institution. Medical facilities availed from other hospitals are not considered for availing sick leave.
  15. A Candidate, who is absent for a total more than 60 days continuously within period of 3 months during an academic year, shall not permitted to continue the course with the same batch of students. She /he may have obtained special sanction for re – admission with the junior batch of students from the appropriate higher authorities (University/ DME/Government of Kerala).
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